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Anyway Mupesewa

Sharing Christ with the People of Zimbabwe

As an 18-year old teenager, Anyway Mupesewa, saw the vast opportunity to spread the Gospel through music. From this, Redeem All Ministries was foreshadowed in 2005, as a Gospel band seeking to bring the message of the Cross to people in Zimbabwe. Since then, the ministry has grown into a multi-faceted church-planting and discipleship ministry.

Both Anyway and his wife, Maegan, are passionate about reaching out to and building up people in rural settings. For this reason, Redeem All Ministries helps plant churches, as well as in kingdom-centered community development initiatives.

“Salvation is man’s greatest need, and I have been commissioned to fulfill this need beginning in Zimbabwe.” 


Anyway Mupesewa

“I strive to live each day according to God’s plan. I am learning that life is a journey laid out before us. Each day is another day to live in complete surrender to Christ.”

Maegan Mupesewa

Our Core Beliefs

1. God is Our Creator

God, as the Creator, rules this world and exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

2. Salvation is through Jesus Christ

Jesus is the only way to the Father. His blood is the only atonement for man’s iniquity. Man cannot do anything to earn him the salvation of God.

3. The Holy Spirit is God in us

TheHoly Spirit,poured out at Pentecost, is the indwelling presence of God in us. He leads and guides believers, releasing the gifts and fruits of the Spirit for the edification of the church and growth of individual believers.

4. The Bible is God’s Infallible Word

The Bible (all 66 books) is the infallible Word of God, written by human authors under His supernatural guidance. It is the supreme source of truth used in our beliefs and practices.

Our Administrative Team

Founder & Executive Director

Anyway Mupesewa

Administrative Assistant

Gamuchirai Mazina

Children’s Director

Maegan Mupesewa

Children & Youths Coordinator

Tendai Chamauya

Director of Pastors

Ringapio Zvabata

Redeem All Ministries Board

Bvumai & Shupi






Kenny & Liz


Mike & Rebecca


Edwin & Ranganayi